What’s Spinning Me #21: Anteros

When We Land

Imagine if The Cure, The Cranberries, No Doubt, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Killers mated, what wild love child that band would be? This week’s issue of What’s Spinning Me, I cover just that, a hot new band from the UK named Anteros and their monumental debut album When We Land.

Anteros is a four piece London outfit that released it’s debut album When We Land earlier this month on Friday March 22, 2019 through Distiller Records. The album features 11 tracks that take you on a trip through different topics, guitar riffs, and very honest transparent lyrics. Anteros brings back that reminiscent feeling similar to that of bands like; The Killers, No Doubt, The Cure, and The Cranberries. A feeling that is very indie rock but pop all in the same breath.

When We Land features four singles; Call Your Mother, Ordinary Girl, Fool Moon, and Drive On.

Anteros will be on a headlining UK tour in most of April 2019 named When We Land UK Tour. No announcements have been made yet for a U.S. tour, Anteros is still in it’s infant stage as a band but with the release of When We Land, I am sure their popularity will rise and Anteros will be a globe-trotting Alternative Rock monster sooner than later. If you live in the UK be sure to grab a ticket and check out Anteros, they are something tremendous!

I discovered Anteros on Spotify, a playlist called New Noise. I always seem to find awesome band in random playlists like that. I was meant to find Antero, the universe lined that up perfectly for me, I dig female fronted bands, I grew up on bands such as No Doubt, The Cranberries, The Cardigans, Paramore, and I could list them but I’d be here forever. Anteros replaces that hole that No Doubt has left in me, thanks Gwen, I’ll just take myself to your residency out here in Vegas. I digress.

As always I leave y’all my favorite tunes and lyrics from the album. My favorite songs from When We Land are; Breakfast, Drive On, Ordinary Girl, Let it Out, and Anteros. One of my favorite lyrics is, You’ll tumble in my gaze/But you won’t find the answers/we’re together lost, we’re forever lost under the lights and the Anteros, where we live and laugh and lie. Taken from the last song on the album and namesake, Anteros. My second favorite lyric is from the song Ordinary Girl, You don’t know how close you were to being number one/ You don’t know how close you were to having all the fun/ I could cry, cry, cry or ask myself why again/ But it’s not an ordinary world and you’re not an ordinary girl. The last one I will leave you with is taken from the song Let It Out. I feel I might have been here before, because the sun is high and I can’t find my way home/ How should I know what’s best for me?/I’m stuck in my version of a fantasy/ All my troubles fade away whenever I hear you say my name/ Let it out, I don’t need to pretend / Let it out, let it free, start to mend./ You are the light, take my shadows, change my mind.

Y’all be sure to give Anteros a listen! They have just landed and I don’t think the earth is ready for the takeover!

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