My First Time…

Now that I have your attention, this story isn’t about the time I lost my virginity (though you wouldn’t be interested in that anyway). This is about the first time I entered a real wrestling ring.

I have to say, I have wrestled around the world in amateur wrestling. Wrestling in Bayard, Nebraska and Orange City, Iowa at the college level, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be in a real WWE style wrestling ring. I thought for the longest time I wanted to be a mixed martial artist, hell in Hawaii I trained with the great Richard De Los Reyes (a genius in the MMA world). I even helped a good friend of mine get ready for a combative tournament in 2010, but there was always something always dragging me back to WWE.

My wife always jokes with me about The Rock and John Cena are my “man crush” (she may have a point), so I knew that I have always wanted to get in a ring. While I was lifting at Retro Fitness, I ran into a guy who loved wrestling as much as i did. We talked about wrestling for a little bit and got back to our workouts. Then while I was at work, I randomly ran into him a few more times. Finally I asked him about his shirt and he told me about WCF Wrestling. I was taken back, and very interested in what he did. He invited me to a show and I took him up on the offer. It was my second every wrestling show I had ever been to (first being WWE Smackdown in Worcester, Massachusetts). Finally I grabbed a little bit of courage and asked if I could join in, without hesitation he said sure, join me next month.

Now most of you know I work on a few podcast here on FrankenCulture (Frankensteiner, Nerds of The Round Table, and Get The KO), I have had a few members from the roster of WCF Wrestling on the podcasts as well. While on FrankenSteiner Marty decided to ask the question “Are you going to power slam Cliff?” It got me to thinking about can I do this? I knew a little bit about cutting good promos because of WWE, Ring of Honor (ROH), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). However I had no idea about how I would do cutting my own. I was super nervous and the main reason why was: “What would other people think of me?” “Would they just laugh at me?” “Would they think I was stupid or dumb?” I cut a few videos and kept messing up, honestly doubt was starting to creep in, “If I can’t even cut a good promo, will I even make it in the ring?”

Finally one promo actually stuck to me, and I was happy with it! I posted it immediately and just waited…anxiously. I knew I could expect a few people to jab at me, and they did. What I didn’t expect was the huge praise from not only my close friends, but everyone around me. Tons of support from everyone, made me feel amazing. The next week I started getting programs together and cut more promos, practice…practice…practice! I took a few videos from the past and present, putting a few videos together as a new promo of me. Once again, I got a lot of praise about it, and it gave me the confidence to follow through.

Now I have never been in an actual wrestling ring, and I use to do backyard wrestling with my friends. However, it has been so long I knew I would be rusty (which I was). But honestly, everyone at WCF Wrestling was super professional. They taught me how to take a proper back bump, tie up, and throw punches and kicks. BUT LET’S BE HONEST…taking a back bump SUCKS!!! The first time I landed, my body instantly said “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?” The second bump wasn’t as bad, my body was saying to me “Oh, this is what we are doing now?” Finally I just got accustom to taking the fall. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, but I have to be honest as it got closer to me being in the ring…I got more nervous, I could feel my body growing in anticipation!

The moment of truth had come up and I couldn’t help myself, I was trying to control all my emotions. I have to be honest with myself, I grabbed the ropes and realized I was living my childhood dream! To be in a ring, wrestling like they did on TV…SO COOL! I was like my favorite wrestlers! Sure I got in some offense and eventually got thrown out of the ring, but who cares?!? It was something so special to me that words can’t explain it. I felt proud of myself, like I actually accomplished something so real, an actual dream of mine. I was approached by so many off the roster telling me “Good job!” I was just mad shocked about all the things I just accomplished…so excited all I could say is “I just accomplished my childhood dream!”

Once again I have to say thank you to WCF Wrestling, to the entire roster for making me feel at home, and to Justin (Chris Idol) for giving me the invite to hop in the ring. It truly was an amazing experience and I can not wait to have more, to train more and grow as a wrestler in the industry.



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