The Allegiance Quest! Step by Step Guide, to Side With The Drifter! With Hidden Tapes!

Today was the launch of a bunch of new stuff in Destiny 2! Including the new “Allegiance Quest” which has you decided who you will side with. The Vangaurd which Destiny players have known since the launch of the game, and the beloved Cayde was a member of, or the new and very secretive character the Drifter. This guide will help you do each step to side with the drifter.

Step 1 & 2, Black Market Deals/Shady Deal.

Take a trip down to the Tangled Shore, Spider will have new inventory for you. The only thing you will be able to purchase is “The Jerky”.

Step 3, Dead Drop. 

This is a heroic version of the “Thief of Thieves” adventure located on Titan. NOTE: Make sure that the adventure you do is heroic, the regular Thief of Thieves adventure will not count towards progress.

Step 4, Show Your Strength. 

This is easy to explain get 25 kill in crucible. Any playlist will work except for private matches!

Step 5, Time to Regroup. 

Just head back and talk to the Drifter for the next step.

Step 6, Motes! Fast! 

This is another easy to explain one. Simply deposit 50 motes in gambit or gambit prime. It does not have to be in a single game, so take your time!

Step  7, Farm to Table. 

This will take some time. You need to complete 4 strikes, 2 of them being with Cabal bosses at the end, and the other 2 being Vex bosses. I recommend doing the Inverted Spire ( Nessus) for you vex boss, and The Arms Dealer (EDZ) for your Cabal boss.

Step 8, Drifters Hideaway. 

This is the easiest step to do. Open up the Gambit directory on your map, and go to the new activity called “Mystery and Potential” Go to your right when you spawn in and follows the path to the Drifters room, right on the tape there will be a tape to collect. I do not have a picture of the activity, but my cursor in the picture is pointing where you should find it. quest step.png

Step 9, Cold Feet. 

Head back to the Drifter again, and have a little chat.

Step 10, Hidden Messages. 

Ok so this one is a bit time-consuming if you don’t know where to look. Luckily me and some friends were ably to grab them and get some picture for you. So here is a quick guide on where to find all the secret messages. All the tapes are found in the EDZ across the whole map of the area.

(NOTE: In these images I am pointing my cursor at where you can actually scan the tapes!)

The Trostland tape is really simple to find, just go in the building directly to the left of the church were you can find Devrim Kay. You will find it on a dark desk in the corner. First tape.png


The Skydock IV Tape is inside the lost sector toward the main boss area. You can find this lost sector in the Sunken Isles section of the EDZ.



The Scavengers Den Tape is located in the first room that you find enemies. You do not need to complete the entire lost sector for this one. Run in and look for the weird-looking computer thing towards the middle of the room.



The Winding Cove Tape is probably the most simple one to find. Just spawn on the winding cove spawn point and walk up the rocks to the little box thing next to where you spawn. That tape down! WindingCove.png


The Flooded Chasm Tape is the first lost sector you come across in The Gultch area of the EDZ. This one is in the boss fight room of the lost sector, and is another one of those funny looking Fallen computers.



The Sojourners Camp Tape is pretty easy spawn in at Trostland take the path to the left, and follows down towards the “Niobe Labs”. You will come across a small camp that is infested with the Fallen. In the camp there is a small tent, and in that tent you will find your next tape. Soujournerstape.png


The Excavation Site XII Tape is another extremely easy one. Go into the lost sector which can be found in the Firebase Hades ares, and go all the way to the boss, this tape is on the red screen computer directly behind the loot chest in the boss room.


And that’s all 7 hidden messages, this step is finally complete.

Step 12, We’re in This Together Now. 

Head back to the tower, and talk to the drifter again, and that’s that. The quest is done, and you have now aligned yourself with the drifter.

At the end of this quest drifter will give you a package or gambit gear. I got a weapon and a new mote for every class in gambit. I am not sure if it is different for everyone, but that is the loot that I got. What did you get?, and are you happy to side with The Drifter?


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