Hero 30 is Baptiste!

Blizzard has finally dropped the 30th hero to the Overwatch roster! Baptiste is a new hero-dps hybrid hero, and sure look to add quite the shake up to how Overwatch plays. Yesterday was the full the drop of his new origin trailer, and it’s quite a story. From a Haitian orphan, to a fierce combat medic. Baptiste look like a total badass.


The story of this new hero seems quite interesting, and one that I think we can all hope we get to hear more about. Along with the origin trailer we also got to see his abilities in action. A new primary style most fps fans will love, Baptiste will be the first character in Overwatch to have a burst rifle. Along with that he has a sort of healing grenade he can shoot at teammates, and finally his cooldown abilities.

Baptiste has a new “invulnerability field” which if placed on teammates will not let them go beneath one health for the duration of the abilities uptime. Next up he has a very similar healing ability to Brigg who has an area of effect ability. Letting teammates heal that are around him. His passive ability is a mobility enhancement letting him jump to places that are not accessable to other characters. Finally his ultimate is called “Amplification Matrix” which enhance the damage, and healing projectiles that teammates shoot through the matrix.

Baptiste the new Haitian combat medic is currently available to play on Overwatch’s public test region server on pc. No hard date has been set for him to release on console or to the normal Overwatch servers, but I cannot wait to try him out when he has his full release!

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