Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists!

A while back I reviewed Energy effects and the Dimension Sword for my custom Dragon Stars Janemba both by A&J Customs.

Recently he’s been working on various projects involving his 3D printer. Saiyan Space Pod, Android Pods and Healing Chambers are some of the things he is currently dabbling in. He has developed prototypes for all three:

If you follow him on instagram you can keep up with his latest projects.

Personally I’m very interested in the Android Pods since Dragon Stars is releasing Android 17 today along with SSJ3 Goku and Cell.

Also loving the Healing Chamber for the SH Figuarts Goku A Saiyan Raised on Earth and Saiyan Saga Vegeta.

A&J Customs is currently taking pre-orders for his Android Pods (to be released in the next 2 weeks) make sure to contact him on Instagram for details.

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