What’s Spinning Me #19: Sticky Fingers

Welcome back! This week on What’s Spinning Me I will be covering Sydney, Australia natives, Sticky Fingers new album, Yours To Keep.

Yours To Keep By. Sticky Fingers

Yours To Keep is Sticky  Fingers’ fourth album and their newest release since 2016’s Westway (The Glitter and The Slums). Sticky Fingers released Yours To Keep on February 8, 2019 through Sure Shaker Records. The album features 11 tracks of solid Reggae Indie-Rock music, with lyrical themes of love, anti-government, relationship woes, and of course self reflection. The album was produced by Dann Hume. Yours To Keep is also Sticky Fingers’ newest release since taking a hiatus back in 2016.

Sticky Fingers is currently on a world tour dubbed Yours To Keep Tour, It kicked off in New York on March 7, 2019. The tour will continue on through the spring and end in San Diego, California on June 30, 2019.

I spent all week trying to figure out what new album I should write about, and of course it takes me about five days to figure out. A couple nights ago I went flying through Spotify’s new releases and came across I band I listen to on a daily called Sticky Fingers. They magically reappeared with a new album after being on hiatus. Yours To Keep is music gold and a very powerful record. Lyrically, in my opinion YTP is a lot more mature and tender. My favorite lyrics on this record are, This is a government’s world and so you better get a job/ and no more acting like a nuisance, you got me tangled in your loose ends. Taken from the single Loose Ends. My most favorite lyric on this record is from the second to last song, which just so happens to be the title track, Yours To Keep. The last time you held me, I was drunk off my face. Wanted to give you a piece of the sky for you embrace/ ‘Cause I don’t ever want to be yours to keep, I’m such a waste, It’s nice to know you’re there but I’m headed south of Westway.  I just really enjoy his honesty and acknowledge of what he is feeling. Another lyric I would like to share, is from taken from the song Junk. Heaven knows no place for junk like me, I’m flown away and gone to waste/ Heaven has no space for what I need, I’m flown away and gone to waste/ I’ll blow away, I’m chained in fantasy.

My favorite songs on Yours To Keep are; Cool and Calm, Loose Ends, Kick On, Another Episode, Yours To Keep, and Junk. I personally believe this is Sticky Fingers’ best album. I can also say this is their most honest record lyrically. I give this album five out of five spins, for lyrics and the overall vibe. One thing I really enjoy about this album is how well it flows from one song to another. That is a big deal to me, sometimes album don’t flow well together and most of the time it’s because the artist or band just threw random songs together. You can tell these songs belong on the same album. I really enjoy this album and I haven’t put it down yet. Y’all give it a listen!

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