Look at Them Video Game Deals!!!

If you’re going into this weekend needing a new game to play have I found some deals for you! Every week I try go through the marketplaces of your favorite gaming systems and Steam for you PC gamers and try to find the best deals I can to keep you gaming on the cheap.

Starting with all you PC gamers, Steam right now is doing their lunar new year sale,  which has some sweet deals as usual.  First is a game I’ll always share because of its huge replay value and how fun it is when you play it, it’s one of my personal favorites which is Rainbow Six Siege which is 75% off at $9.99 for the base game.r6

Steam also has a popular but difficult RPG Dark Souls 3: Deluxe Edition which is 70% off at $25.49.

The lastly a fun solo or multiplayer game with cross platform capabilities is Rocket League which is 40% off for $11.99.rocket

Now we’re going to look at the PlayStation 4 marketplace where they have their flash sale going on with some pretty awesome discounts on some PlayStation games!! First is one of Frankencultures favorites, Fallout 76 which is 40% off at $35.99.fall

Along with a fun little battle royale game, Realm Royale which is 30% off at $10.49.relm

Then lastly is Monster Hunter World which is 50% totaling $24.99.monster-hunter-world-logo

Now we can check the Microsoft market place for all the XboxOne owners out there.  Right off the bat theres Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition which is 85% off lowering the game to a whopping $4.50.tat

Along with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus which is greatly discounted as well at 67% off lowering the game to $19.80.wolf

Then to finish off the Microsoft marketplace we have something for all you Star Wars fans you can get Battlefront II at 75% off which makes the game a steal at $6.25. bf2

Hopefully these finds will help fill your gaming catalog a little more and save you some money along the way.  Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!!!


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