What’s Spinning Me #18: Nina Nesbitt

Welcome back to What’s Spinning Me, and today I cover one of the most anticipated albums of 2019! Nina Nesbitt released her new album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change  last Friday and I am here to share with you, her work of genius!

The Sun Will Come Up

Nina Nesbitt, Scotland native released her long awaited second album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change on Friday February, 1 2019.  Nina Nesbitt released five singles from the album; The Moments I’m MissingThe Best You HadSomebody SpecialLoyal To Me, and hot single Colder. TSWCUTSWC features 13 tracks, each track telling a different story about Nina Nesbitt. Every track carries a different vibe, a different look at the woman she is now versus the younger woman she was. Nesbitt brings a different style of sound to her music, more pop driven, but still features Nesbitt’s impeccable ability to write a song. She really takes you a real rollercoaster ride of emotions, storytelling, flawless melodies, and of course some catchy pop choruses, from songs like; Loyal To Me, Love Letter, and Colder. What is also very notable to add, is that not only are there songs that have catchy choruses, but also slow-moving emotional ballads, which Nina is most notably known for. Songs like; SacredLast December, Chloe, Is It Really Me You’re Missing, title-track The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change. Nina really covers the spread well, the balance between Poppy choruses and sad-girl riddled ballads with sad-girl lyrics. She really brings every emotion in the human anatomy to the surface with this album. This is an album in the future, that will be apart of a harem of albums that will eventually  represent the sound of 2019. Nina Nesbitt essentially sealed her immortality with this album, a very pivotal album, not only in Nina Nesbitt’s music career but also, a pivotal album in all of music. Nina Nesbitt is a fierce Atlantic Ocean wave and it’s either ride the wave or get out of the way.

Nina Tour

Within 48 hours of the album’s release The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change had over one million streams on Spotify. It is safe to say that Nina brought the whole force and more. Nina Nesbitt will be headlining a U.S. Tour named The Sun Will Come Up North American Tour 2019. The tour will begin February 23, 2019 in Dallas Texas at the House Of Blues in the Cambridge Room. The tour will continue on from there for a month until March 24th where it will end in Seattle, Washington at the Columbia City Theater.

Loyal To ME

There are three women in Pop music right now who, I anticipate will all win 2019. Those three women being, Nina Nesbitt, Sasha Sloan, and Jaira Burns. All three of those women have really stolen my attention as it pertains to Pop music in general. I kind of get the feeling that Nina, Sasha, Jaira will be the new Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. And if I wanna go further than that, the new Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey. Some may agree with me or disagree, but I digress. The point being, is that Nina Nesbitt, whether she knows it or not is a top head for current Pop music, along with a few others aforementioned.


Personally, I love this album. There is not a song I don’t enjoy on The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change. All 13 songs are perfect songs on their own but also perfect together in the order Nina Nesbitt put them in. You don’t find that anymore, you either find albums with random songs thrown together or a perfect record that flows together but none of the songs really stick out on their own. Nina Nesbitt really created that perfect blend of both. My favorite songs on this album are; ColderLast DecemberThings I Say When You SleepIs It Really Me You’re Missing, and Sacred.

I give this album five out of five spins, all for Nina’s transparent and candid songwriting. My absolute favorite part of this album is Nina Nesbitt’s lyrics, there are so many great lyrics on this album, she really is a true writer, musician, and artist. One most notable lyric is and lately I’ve been getting too drunk at the same ole clubs/ So I’m living my life on a budget, tryna find love/ I don’t wanna lover who I’m only gonna love when I’m wasted. Taken from the first song of the album called Sacred. I really enjoy her honesty and the points she makes to portray how she feels in the song Is It Really Me You’re Missing, with a driving chorus that goes Is it really me that you’re missing?/ Or am I on the only one who’ll listen, to you?/ And if I pick up the phone tonight, will it be pieces in the morning?/ Am I the only number you’ve tried, or is this another lonely night? I really enjoy that honesty, and I really hope whoever she wrote that about felt the force behind that epic song. I also enjoy the wisdom she shares in the song Colder, with lyrics like When you’re young and you get your heart broken/ And he leaves, leaves the scars open/ When you can’t believe it’s over, that’s when you get a little colder. Nina Nesbitt really showcased her pen skills in this gem of an album. I encourage all people to check out her music, she is relatively new face, her music is fresh, and she will have the attention of your ears sending you warp speed into a wormhole of real emotional Pop music.

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