Surprise!! New Battle Royale!!

Respawn Entertainment the minds behind the super fun shooters Titanfall and Titanfall 2 decided to surprise the gaming world today by dropping a free to play battle royale game across PC, XboxOne and Play Station 4.  A game that was seemingly secretly in development up until popular Twitch streamer Shroud dropped a picture on twitter of him along side a couple other popular streamers and other video game majesty that were invited to test the game pre launch in Los Angeles California.charcs.jpg

The game Apex Legends is a stylized battle royale shooter with a quick Call of Duty Blackout style pace along with an Overwatch styled grouping of characters each with their own individual abilities and characteristics. Characters that range from healers, to tanks and other popular player types where sometimes balancing your team can also be a key to success. map

The weapons which are directly out of the Titanfall universe are customizable both in game with attachments and out of game through weapon skins and other addons which can be won from post game loot drops or…… micro-transactions!!! Surprise surprise right?? Well after all Apex Legends is free to play so Respawn is going to need to make their money somewhere.apexdfg

I myself downloaded the game on PC and onto my XboxOneX and got in a handful of rounds to see how the game plays and I feel like Respawn hit the bullet on the head! For a surprise launch and free to play Apex Legends runs smooth, looks great, I had ZERO connection issues and overall is super fun to play! The hard part of the game for me or any battle royale will be learning the map, the characters and which weapons best suit you for your play style. Now the bad… which might not be a big deal for some but I’m a PC gaming loaner and you cant solo que. Apex Legends only lets you play in Squads of three. No solos or Duos, if you want to play alone you’ll have to abandon your squad once the round starts.

Apex Legends left me excited, if I didn’t have an actual job that I needed to get some sleep for I’d still be logged in and shooting up the place, please feel free to download this gem of a game and try it out for yourself, then head over to the Frankenculture Twitter or Instagram page and lets us know what you think.

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