What’s Spinning Me #17: Terror Jr

Psych!!! Shoemaker here, back early for a new issue of What’s Spinning Me. Today, I cover Terror Jr’s debut album Unfortunately, Terror Jr.! 


Terror Jr. released their debut album Unfortunately, Terror Jr on January 25, 2019 through Atlantic Records and EFFESS. Unfortunately, Terror Jr features 15 tracks which the two singles ( Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me and A-OK (Everything’s Perfect)). U,TJR is the duo’s debut album, while their other releases were Extended Plays (EP).


The album features that Terror Jr. sound along with melancholic lyrical themes dealing with love, self-love, fear, modern culture, and “meeting your maker”. Unfortunately, Terror Jr takes you on a flight through different themes and lyrics that are unapologetically honest i.e. If it’s something you gotta pay for, then heaven wasn’t made for me/ If I gotta be saved for, then heaven wasn’t made for me. Those lyrics were taken from the candid tune Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me.


Terror Jr have no tour dates announced, but with their popularity and fanbase expanding, there is no doubt some future announcements will be made. Unfortunately, Terror Jr is something new and exciting in the flooded world of Pop music. Don’t let their peculiar vibe and sound fool you, Terror Jr is making major waves and will soon become a major force to be reckoned with in the near future.

I discovered Terror Jr about a year ago, on a random day in search of new music to listen to. Of course the Universe leads me to the musical gem that is Terror Jr. What I love most about the duo, is that they keep a little mystery to themselves, some even say that Kendell Jenner is the real singer of Terror Jr and not Lisa Vitale. That is a wild conspiracy because I can’t imagine that Kendell Jenner is a great singer and to be quite honest that conspiracy should be an insult to Lisa Vitale but I digress.

I almost completely forgot about Terror Jr until again, one day I was in search of music and discovered their debut album Unfortunately, Terror Jr on my release radar playlist on Spotify. I dig this album a lot, every song has purpose and there is an overall vibe that rides with you as you listen to it. The production is flawless and of course my favorite part of Terror Jr is of course their lyrical genius.  There are a couple of lyrics on this album worth mentioning. Starting with, I’m not afraid of love, I’m terrified/It never feels like how they advertise/ It’s got big teeth, it’s got appetite. Taken from the song Terrified. Another awesome lyric to mention is, We so high now/ I could meet my maker, I could meet my maker./ I wonder what she’d say to me and would she be ashamed of me? From the first song on the album called Maker.

Terror Jr did not disappoint, they made one hell of an album and it has been on repeat since the day I found it. I give this album five out of five spins, everything, in my opinion is perfect about Unfortunately, Terror Jr. From production to the beats and lyrics. None of the songs feel like filler, which is what you get a lot of sometimes. My personal favorites off this album are; Maker, Terrified, Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me, and Isolation. I honestly believe Terror Jr will start a new revolution in Pop music. Their music is familiar and also unique, a perfect blend of “something old, something new”. The future is bright for the duo despite their namesake. Give this album a listen and join in on this new wave and age of Pop music!


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