Which Game Will You Be Playing First?

This past week saw the launch of two insanely looked forward to games, and those games are Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. One of them is a whole brand new game that continues a beloved franchise, and the other is a total remake of a game that has been cherished by horror fans for years.


Resident Evil 2 2019 is a total remake of the original from 1998! Not only is it a complete rehash of the original, it also looks to hold much of the original games mystery and story. Remaking the game into something that is a lot more modern, and much easier for newer fans of the franchise to get into. The game looks and feels quite amazing, from controls to combat. No more do you have to sit in one spot and guess where your enemy is in the other camera angle. Now you can aim down sight, and fight those damn zombies. Resident Evil 2 the remake looks to be an amazing game.

maxresdefault (3)

Now going from one of the main stays of the horror genre, to a fun-loving story rich action RPG that so many love. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the newest title to a massive amount that already exist in the franchise. Some having some weird names that I didn’t even know were part of the game’s history. This title adds new Disney characters to the already stacked list, and has some amazing battles that include them.  Kingdom Hearts is not a franchise I know very well, but its a franchise I’m looking to get into after watching stuff about this game.

These two behemoth games came out so close together, so the question is what game to play first. If you are a dedicated fan to either franchise the decision will be simple. For gamers just beginning to get into either though it may be a bit tougher. The game that I think would be the most simple for newer to get into would be Resident Evil. With only missing really game info from the original it would be much more simple to understand what is going on. While Kingdom Hearts 3 has a very difficult story to understand unless you have really followed the franchise (in my opinion). So what are you gonna be playing first?

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