Anthem VIP BETA, Tough Start for EA and BioWare!

This last weekend of January the 25th-27th there were a bunch on VIP Beta codes for the two developers EA and BioWare’s upcoming AAA title Anthem, a 3rd person action RPG that’s been gaining a lot of hype and excitement from people as it could be a Destiny the game killer. Unfortunately the beta was a huge flop turning a lot of people off of the game.  Reality is this is why game developers have beta tests is to test the game at a mass scale to collect info on bugs and other game breaking stuff.  Well in this instance the VIP beta test was pretty much broken and unplayable.

I was given access to the VIP beta from Nvidia for who knows what reason other than sometime Friday the invite and code appeared in my email, I immediately commenced to downloading but I was having some kind of internet issue because I had the slowest download speeds on earth, so I went to sleep to let the game download while visons of beta testing danced in my head and a plan to play some after I completed work on Saturday, while at work I was following along on twitter and watching various big named streamers attempt to play the game and most were running into server issues which is expected but one horrible game breaking issue which was a loading screen of death.anthr

The loading screen of death was my biggest kryptonite, in the two hour span I attempted to play the game Anthem managed to freeze in a loading screen pretty much every time I reloaded the game, and it wasn’t just a main loading screen it could’ve been any loading screen which thrust me immediately back to the days of trying to play a scratched PlayStation game and just hoping it would load a having a huge sigh of relief when it did.

Now post beta weekend BioWare’s Chad Robertson issued a statement starting with “yesterday was rocky” possibly an understatement? but assured eager players and fans that they are working to fix issues from the VIP beta weekend, before the open beta that’s supposed to launch this coming weekend February 1st-3rd.  Although broken the 15-20 minutes of actual gameplay I got to try seemed enjoyable and will definitely be logging into the open beta this coming weekend and hopefully the game will be running well enough for me to show the game off a little on our Twitch channel Frankenculturegaming.

Anyone else get to try the beta? Did you have one of the better experiences? or did your beta experience pan out about as well as mine did? Also depending on how the beta went for you are you still as excited for the game or possibly more excited? Feel free to let me know.



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