A wild Jewbacca appears…

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Hi everyone! You might have seen my name as one of the podcast hosts but I figured let’s get out a formal introduction of sorts. Ello! I’m Julie! Well, that’s my birth name. I was given the nickname Jewbacca many many moons ago and pretty much have accepted it as my other name. I am sure you can tell by the name what my favorite fandom is. Now I first got involved with this amazing site when I was asked to be on The Frankensteiner podcast. I have known Steve and Martin since we were kids so if you have a problem with all of this blame them. Haha. Once I was on it seemed like we found a good fit and was eventually asked to join Get the KO. Both of these these teams of people are amazing and I am so thankful to be apart of it!

I will be 100% honest. If I were to go through all of my interests and background info we would be here awhile. So let’s make this short and sweet shall we? I am an unapologetic nerd from the Metro Detroit area. So much so that I have the words Nerd and Dork tattooed on my arms front and center. I grew up in a house of Star Wars nerds so the indoctrination was swift for me. One of my passions is tabletop gaming. It’s one of my favorite past times and I love to try new ones out all the time. I love tabletop gaming so much that soon ya girl is going to be doing reviews for the site! So hopefully you guys keep an eye out for it when it finally drops and give it a watch. Until then keep an eye out for new episodes of The Frankensteiner and Get the KO weekly. Also make sure to check out all of the other neat stuff on here. See you guys around!


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