What’s Spinning Me #15: Valleyheart

I’s early 2019 but let’s take it back to December, for a journey through one of 2018’s most talked about albums. On this issue of What’s Spinning Me, I will be covering Massachusetts’ own Rock band Valleyheart and their debut record Everyone I’ve Ever Loved. 

everyone i've ever loved

Valleyheart is a relatively new Rock band out of Salem, Massachusetts, who before this album release, only had released one Ep (Nowadays) and one single (Fourth Of July). Valleyheart released their first album Everyone I’ve Ever Loved on December 14, 2018, just weeks before the start of the new year.


Everyone I’ve Ever Loved features 11 songs, each one more unique than the other. All the songs include lyrical themes of life, religion, the past, and friendship. EIEL represents an album that brings together well written lyrics and music that creates not only an overall sound but also an overall Alternative Rock vibe that has been missing of late.  Two singles were released for EIEL, the first single Crave was released November 23, 2018. The second single Friends In The Foyer was released just weeks before the album debut on December 7th.


Valleyheart is currently signed to Rise Records, a record label more known for their Post- Hardcore and metalcore artists and bands. Valleyheart really gives Rise Records a sound more current to today’s current rock scene and sound a sound reminiscent of that late 90’s/early 2000’s Alternative Rock sound. Valleyheart currently has no tour announced but have announced one show in Boston, February 2, 2019.

It never fails, every time I go searching for new and great music I am never let down. I first discovered Valleyheart on Rock playlist featured on a Rock music playlist on Spotify, more specifically the song Friends In The Foyer. I equate finding the band Valleyheart much like finding buried treasure in the sand, every year I find a band special like Valleyheart and it always feels kismet. What I love most about this album is the overall vibe, the feeling I get when I play this album. This album makes you feel like you walking in a fog on a Fall day in Massachusetts, with a slight chill wind blowing in the background. Like always, I would like to share with you my favorite lyrics from Everyone I’ve Ever Loved. The first set of lyrics I like to share with you is from the song Heaven & Hell. In a dream last night, I saw heaven and hell/ I was caught in between and I couldn’t find myself / Where does your life lead?  The second pair of lyrics I really enjoyed is from the song Friends In The Foyer. I remember laughing with them/ Our friends in the forest, in that house on a mountain/ In that cabin, we got real drunk and on the ride back to Boston, I wept as I questioned the men and women we’d become. The final set of lyrics worth mentioning is,Let the stars come down from their heavenly homes/ From light years away, and come and let them break our narrow worlds, our geometric shapes/ Do you ever feel so small, when you think about the universe and all?/ How we try and hold it, these moments like sand in our hand, it slips away. Taken from the song Maryland. My favorite songs off of Everyone I’ve Ever Loved are; Heaven & HellFriends In The FoyerAgnosiaCommunionMaryland, and Drowned In Living Waters.

I personally love this record and it is one of the best finds of 2018 and probably of all time. Valleyheart became an instant favorite band of mine over night and it feels like I will continue to follow their climb to the top as it pertains to Rock music. I give Everyone I’ve Ever Loved 

five out of five spins, for it’s overall vibe, lyrics, and art direction. If you enjoy great music no matter the genre, you should definitely give this album a listen and let it consume your un relenting “crave” for impeccable music.


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