Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists!

I’m currently working on a few custom action figures. Dragon Ball GT is becoming a huge influence at the moment. After completing Super Android 17 for YouTuber Hot Cheeto Fingers I looked through other character designs from the show. Omega Shenron, Nova Shenron, Baby Vegeta, Ledgic and others really peaked my interest. As of this writing, Omega Shenron is the only one I have a good idea on how to proceed with, while Nova Shenron is still just an idea.

I plan on using Dragon Stars Hit for the base figure but I’m still wondering if the Dragon Stars Golden Frieza would be a better base. Paint rub is always an issue even if you sand the joints down. I will see which one works out better.

This is the current list of Work-in-Progress figures:

  • Yardrat Goku
  • Omega Shenron
  • Nova Shenron
  • Hit

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