Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

HOW’S IT GOING FRANKENCULTURE! There is no doubt you have seen me on Frankenculture currently, and some of you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Clifford Miller and I am proud as hell to be attached to Frankenculture. I am good friends with Marty (we use to work together at Game Stop, for those who don’t know) and he asked me to join on Frakensteiner. I am huge WWE, UFC, and comic fan! I think I can fit in hahaha!

So a little bit more about me: I was in the military (United States Air Force) for six years and stationed at Hickam AFB in Honolulu, HI. I have one child and have been married now for nine years. I enjoy just hanging out with friends and family and just keeping low key.

My favorite comic book character changes all the time: Spider-man, Deadpool, Punisher, Luke Cage, Batman, Flash, etc. Also I am a big fan of Dragonball…from the original series to Z to Super and even GT! I know a lot of people did not like GT, but I did. I am a massive Wrestling fan and my favorite wrestler of all time is Rey Mysterio Jr. I can still remember seeing him show up on WCW in Panama City, FL as a kid. He had a pink mask on but was flying all over the ring. I also run the podcast GET THE KO all about UFC and MMA related news. I have tons of favorite fighters both past and present and enjoy it to the max.

I have lots of favorites and you can find me on SnapChat, Twitter, and IG under the name cm_miller85. Follow me and ask me all the questions you want (I’ll do my best to answer them).

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