What’s Spinning Me #14: Palisades

Welcome back, readers and writers alike! Starting off 2019 with a hot album that was released a few days before the end of 2018. This week’s What’s Spinning Me will feature Palisades’ new album, Erase The Pain.


New Jersey’s own Palisades released album number four, Erase The Pain, on Rise Records, Palisades’ newest since their self titled record which was released in 2017. ETP features 10 tracks and was promoted by two singles before its release. The first single War was released on October 5, 2018, followed by second single Fragile Bones, which was released November 16, 2018.

Palisades has always been best known for their combination and blending of electronic production and heavy guitars, bass, and drums. Erase The Pain features a more raw vibe with minimal electronic production. ETP follows a more vibe of their last record (self titled) and less like 2015’s Mind Games which featured heavy production with electronics and sounds of EDM. The lyrics for ETP feel more personal and more introspective than previous releases. ETP presents a sound very reminiscent of the band the Deftones.


Palisades will be playing shows in early 2019, starting mid February until mid March, with bands Of Mice and Men, Dayseeker, and Nothing More. Palisades hasn’t announced a headlining tour but I’m sure the band has something planned for the Summer and Fall of 2019!

Erase The Pain, in my personal opinion is Palisades’ best record, and my own personal favorite of theirs. This album is lightyears ahead of anything they have put out in the past, it feels more real to me. Like always I will share my favorite songs and lyrics from ETP. My personal favorite songs are; Fade, Ways To Disappear, Push, Patient, and Shed My Skin. First set of lyrics I would like to share is from the song Ways To DisappearI find ways to disappear and my words are never clear / I gotta find a way to face the things I fear, I’m not good at letting go, I can’t stand to be alone/ Are you the light that leads me down the road?/ Can you take me home?. The second set of lyrics worth mentioning comes from the song Patient..and I’m a patient, I’ve been waiting for you to ruin this day or make it/ You’re getting high off of playing God, either stop my heart or replace it. 

Though this album came out toward the end of 2018, I lump it with the 2019 releases. Palisades brought a lot of heat this go round and I really appreciated the minimal electronic production and going for a more raw and stripped sound. I really enjoyed the guitars and groovy the breakdowns were, I really appreciated the fact that there wasn’t any sit and squat breakdowns, it had more of a flow and groove to it. ETP get’s five out of five spins, for an all around epic album, it’s heavy when it needs to be and groovy when it needs to be. Y’all be sure to give this album a listen!



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