Stack’s Favorite, and Not So Favorite Games of 2018!

Another year has come and gone, and along with that is a years worth of games. 2018 was full of some great titles, and some not so great. So let’s get into some of the titles that were some of my favorites this year!

Favorite Games of 2018!

Over Cooked 2


Honestly one of the funniest games I have ever played! I played this with family, and friends with every time turning into a rage fest! Screaming to clean dishes and to give me burger buns. I had such a great time playing this, and think its great for everyone. As a funny party game or a good game to play with your kids give this game a look.

Destiny 2 Forsaken


Anyone that has been following the website or my Twitch channel knows how much I have loved the Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2. With a great story line of revenge, and fun new game play additions. Forsaken is hands down probably one of the best things  to happen to Destiny. If you haven’t already checked out the Forsaken content I cannot recommend it enough!

Far Cry 5

image (1).jpg

I still remember when the teaser trailers for this game came out, and it really set a certain mood for the games. I will say that the expectation I placed on the game weren’t exactly what I got out of it, I still had an amazing time during my hours of gameplay. The only negative I could possibly give this game was that the ending was very unexpected, but the new upcoming Far Cry title looks to answer those issues I had.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 


This easily goes down as the most unexpectedly great game I played this year! Other games on this list I expected to have some great content, or even just a good overall time. When I purchased Kingdom Come, I had zero expectations. I made a great choice when buying this! Kingdom Come Deliverance is by far one of the best RPG games I have ever played. With a great time period to play in, and even great acting. Just like any other game of this type, it has a few bugs. Nothing game breaking but funny random character movements. Please check out Kingdom Come!

God of War

screen shot 2018-01-23 at 124920 pm.png

Hands down my favorite game that came out of 2018! God of War has been one of my favorite franchises, and this game was able to keep what made the original games great and add to it. With a different combat system comparable to that of Dark Souls, and a fun way to have a companion throughout an entire game. Atreus is easily the best companion I’ve dealt with in a game. The amazing twist at the end was pulled off great, and I just loved this game!

Honorable Mention 

Leisure Suit Larry, Wet Dreams Don’t Dry


By far the first point and click game I have played in around 10 years! It was enjoyable and probably one of the funniest games I have ever played. With adult jokes, fart jokes, gaming jokes, social media jokes, and everything in between. The game is hilarious! If you are able to play this please do cause its great!

The Least Favorite Games of 2018!

Fallout 76


Now let’s get the elephant out of the room. This game is still fun to play, but the state it is in right now doesn’t give me the same fun that previous titles did. Much like Elder Scrolls Online the game is going to be amazing in the future, I have no doubt about that at the moment tho it leaves much to be desired. I have high hopes that Fallout 76 ends up being as good if not better than Fallout 4. Right now it is not on my top played list.




I placed high expectations on this game, but the fact of the matter is it’s a one play through kind of game. The weird hacking mechanic is very jarring, and I didn’t like that you can fall from the highest building with no damage. I may be coping out but I didn’t think it was horrible by any means, but it was definitely not my cup of tea.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4


Every year has a COD game, and every year it’s mainly the same. This year when a little less futuristic as some of the previous games, but more futuristic that the previous WWII. With super abilities that some players did not like, and a battle royal mode similar to PUBG. This years COD just still feels more of the same to me.

Super Mario Party 


Over Christmas I got to play a good amount of hours with this one, and it just doesn’t feel the same. More like a glorified mini game selection screen than anything. Not saying that the newest Mario Party isn’t fun, just not exactly the same as every other game that has come before it. If you love the mini games that are in the franchise you will love this newest game, but for me it just didn’t feel quite the same.

This year I didn’t have many games that I didn’t honestly enjoy. The games this year were mainly well thought out, and even the games that were on the downside I still had fun playing, I just didn’t have the urge to drop hours into them. Out of my least favorite games of the year the one I could still recommend the most is Fallout 76, because of what the future holds for the game.

What about you tho? Did you have games that you really liked, and some that really didn’t let us at Frankenculture know some of them!


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