Unlocking Destiny 2’s Izanami Forge.

This past Tuesday Destiny 2 had its most recent forge added to the game. The Izanami Forge has the longest, and most tedious quest line to unlock it. I myself took a few days to do so, and it may be giving others some trouble. If you are one of those people then this one is for you.

Talk to Ada-1 to receive step one.


After talking to Ada you will receive a quest that will take you to Nessus, when you get to Nessus what you have to do is kill Vex to obtain a Vex Transponder. The only way to get it is by killing random Vex, I got it within the first minute of me landing on the planet. The best place I can recommend is Artifacts Edge pictured below.
Artifacts edge.png

Step 2. Vex Transponder

As soon as you get your Vex Transponder you need to charge it. The way to do this is by killing 100 more Vex. Again the best way to do that is running around in the Artifacts Edge area killing Vex, or going into the lost sector immediately to the left of the loading zone named  The Orrery.

Step 3. Transponder Signal Lost.

The next step is completing a heroic public event called Spire Integration. The public event is only in a few places, but Nessus holds one of the spots for it. The area you are looking for is called The Hallows. The way to make this heroic is to activate the 3 pates around the middle spire without letting Vex sacrifice themselves to it. Again the picture for the area is below with my cursor hovering by the name.

Artifacts edge.png

Step 4. Vex Transponder. 

The way I did this was running the same lost sector as stated before. Just run thru kill the boss, run out and do it again. You will need to do this 20 times to finish the part of the quest. Doing lost sectors or adventures is better than doing it in the actual outer world, because other players will gun down these guys quickly and not give you a chance at them.

Step 5. Black Armory Signature. 

To finish this step you need to go thru a portal that is right next to where the spire integration public event is in The Hallows. Go thru the portal and follow the pathway, hop thru the jump pad that takes you to the forge, and then beat the mission called “Rekindle the Flames”


Step 6/7 . Broken Izanami Igniter. 

Return back to Ada to get the Broken Izanami Igniter. To repair the igniter is a bit of a hassle you will now need to complete 3 more heroic events all that are found on different planets.

  • Glimmer Extraction
  • Witches Ritual
  • Spire Integration (again)

Glimmer Extraction I found was the easiest to find on Earth (EDZ), the witches ritual is only found in two places. One on Titan in The Rig loading zone, and one on Mars in the Glacial Drift loading zone. Lastly for the Spire Integration I just went back to where I had done it previously in the quest.

Step 8. Repowered Izanami Igniter. 

Now you have to go back to the first forge the Volundr Forge back on the EDZ, and just complete it.

Vol Forge.png

Step 9. Repowered Izanami Igniter. 

Once again return back to Ada.

Step 10. Repair the Izanami Igniter. 

You have to complete an advanced version of the Insight Terminus strike. It is basically all the same stuff as usual, the only real difference being that the enemies are raised to a higher power cap. The strike is still very easy to solo for at least a 630 power player.


Step 11. Reignite the Izanami Forge. 

Finally you have made it to the last mission in the quest line! Go back to the portal that is in The Hallows on Nessus just like you did before. Now you will find a new quest to start. All you do is complete a very easy version of what the forge will be, including the boss fight.


Step 12. Return to Ada-1

Just as the step says go back to Ada, and report what you did. Fully unlocking the Forge.

As you can see this quest is tedious, and goes on for sometime. The longest part of this for me was waiting for public events to spawn. After opening the forge you are now able to get the new bow The Spiteful Fan and pulse rifle Blast furnace from the forge.

Along with these 2 new weapons a new exotic bow named Le Monarque seems to have been accidentally released. The bow seems to be similar to Destiny 1’s exotic hand cannon The Thorn, which poisoned its targets over time.


I got this after complete the Izanami forge with my pulse rifle frame, and it was just a random drop. Let me know if you guys have received Le Monarque, and what you think of it!

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