What’s Spinning Me #13: Bearings

Welcome all to the latest issue of What’s Spinning Me! Today, we exit the world of Pop music and move forward to something more Alternative rock and guitar driven. I bring you the band Bearings and their catchy debut album, Blue In The Dark. 


Bearings is a rock alternative band out of Ottawa, Canada who released their debut album Blue In The Dark back in October of 2018. Bearings is a fresh new alternative band and many say they are very reminiscent of the band Transit. Blue In the Dark features 11 tracks of appealing guitar work, poetic lyrics, fast and fun anthems, and of course some “sad boy” songs. Most would categorize Bearings as a Pop Punk band but I feel quite the opposite, their music is very nostalgic to me, reminds me of Alternative rock music from the early 2000’s, before emo took over. Bands like Lifetime, Transit, Saves The Day, and Man Overboard. I suppose by today’s standards those bands mentioned are considered emo, though I beg to differ. Bearings brings that good guy alternative rock sound, thoughtful yet energetic and emphatic.


Blue In The Dark from start to finish has a movie-like feel to it, every song has a cinematic feel to it, whether it be an underlying sound or a poetic lyric. Bearings really created an 11 track mini universe, the whole album feels like one 35 minute short film just without the imagery to go along with it. The cover of the album really adds more to the overall vibe, a strikingly visual image of what seems like someone drowning whilst breaking through the water barrier that separates earth and space. That sinking feeling you get while looking at this album cover stays with you while listening to the record, you can even still feel it in the more upbeat songs. Music videos were made for the songs Aforementioned and title track Blue In The Dark. Bearings will be playing some holiday shows with bands Counterparts, Harms Way, Like Pacific, and End. The two shows will be in Hamilton and Toronto December 19-20 respectively. Bearings will then go on tour band Four Years Strong for an Acoustic Tour, starting early January 2019.


This album crept up on me as we slowly end out the year. I was really getting into a rut when came to listening to music and what is sounding good. I found Bearings on a random  Pop Punk playlist on Spotify. The song that caught my attention was the title track of this album, Blue In The Dark. It also features my favorite lyrics on the whole record, which go Wonder, tell me, do you wonder? / Tell me, do you let your mind slip away at night? / Underneath, this feeling, a reminder/ I’ve been tryna find some time here, see what you’re all about./Ooh bring me home and Ooh decompose right here, forever. If you never read real poetry before, there it is! Just hearing those lyrics sucked me into the rest of the song and eventually the rest of the album.

My personal favorites songs on Blue In The Dark are; Beautiful PlacesAforementionedHear Me SayCareless Clarity, and of course the aforementioned title track.

I give this record five spins out of five spins, for it’s listen-ability, lyrics, music, and overall vibe. This album gives me the feeling of like I am the focus of an up and coming, coming of age indie film. I love albums that make you feel something and that is why this one receives the highest marks! Y’all be sure to give this album a listen! The universe sent me a gem and is looking out, go give Bearings a shot, it’s worth it.




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