In Defense of Fallout 76.

With the release of Bethesda’s Fallout 76 the internet has been full of reviews, and videos bashing the game in almost every aspect you can get your hands on. With the whole team here at Frankenculture we have played numerous hours of the game, and have come up with out own decisions on the title. All of us have agreed that the game is much better than people are leading on, and I feel like you should know why.

The game has been touted as a broken, and glitchy mess that does not play well. Though as we have played quite a bit we have not run into many of these problems that others are saying to have experienced. The game itself does have issues such as having frame rate drops when heavy amounts of enemies spawn, or even some random AI that seem no interest in fighting you. I personally have had no issues with servers drops, which the internet will have you believe is a regular thing that happens. I have had more kicks from servers in COD, Fortnite, Destiny 2 and many other highly touted games that are supposedly much more stable experiences.


The next thing that has come up is that the game is glitchy, but I don’t know if you can say that any Fallout isn’t a buggy mess. That has alway ended up being part of the charm of Fallout, and I think that it stays the same here. I have not seen any “game breaking” glitches in all of the hours that I have played. The game has some hiccups, and even is a little rough around the edges, but let’s think about something.

Fallout is a different idea when it comes to online survival. We aren’t talking Rust, or The Forest, we are talking about one of the most beloved franchises in all of video games. Bethesda looks to have tried to make sure that the fan base for Fallout was somewhat happy. So far the game has been out about 2 weeks or a little more at the time of this article, and I think people need to calm down. The game is brand new, and just like every other game we get nowadays  days it is not totally complete. Patches will roll out, and fixes will come through. I just think that everyone needs to stop ragging on a fun game that has not had its moment to shine yet. IF we look back at ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) it also did not have the greatest launch, but if you look at it now it has a very devoted fan base, and is always a very fun game to play. Fallout 76 is a great game for what time I have gotten to play it. I have nothing bad to say other than there are some fixes that need to be done. Other than that I have all positive points about it, and I think more people need to actually play it, and gather their own opinion. Before they listen to every negative comment they see on the internet.

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