What’s Spinning Me #8: Elohim

A lot of EDM albums were dropped in 2018, but there are only three of them that stuck and was committed to memory. Well, committed to my memory at least. The first, being Alison Wonderland’s second record Awake, the second, Rhi’s debut album Reverie, and Elohim’s debut self-titled album Elohim. Today’s issue of What’s Spinning Me, I dive right into the last mentioned album, Elohim’s Elohim. Try saying that three times.


Elohim is an LA based DJ/Musician/Producer/singer-songwriter, who released her debut album, Elohim back in April of this year. Elohim is currently signed to Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) and OWSLA, a record label founded by Sonny Moore aka Skrillex. Elohim released an EP back in 2016 with the same title, that featured songs, She Talks Too Much and Xanax. Elohim, is her debut full length which was released April 27, 2018. The album features 15 tracks and one feature, on the song Panic Attacks, which features an artist named Yoshi Flower. Seven singles were released for Elohim, The Wave, Skinny Legs, and Fuck Your Money, just to name a few. The album is a 15 track journey through electronic music with deep and honest lyrics about love, drugs, self doubt, flaws, Insecurity, and hallucinating. Every track is different from the other but it still flows, from one song to the next, no matter if it’s an upbeat tune or a lyric fueled slow ballad. Elohim’s unique vocals will have you hypnotized and enslaved to the electronic production, giving you that outer space vibe, much like something you would play on a space ship.


Recently, Elohim has released a new song called Connect, a song in which she collaborated with Skrillex. Elohim just played her last show of 2018 on November 11 and won’t be due for another one until February 27 of 2019 where she will be preforming at Deja Voom, a music festival in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Deja Voom

This issue of What’s Spinning Me is a big one for me because I discovered Elohim earlier this year and my ears have never been the same since. I was randomly scrolling through Amazon’s music and vinyl section and caught the cover of her self-titled album. I discover most music that way, if the cover strikes me visually then I will most likely dig the music behind the art.

I witnessed Elohim in concert at Life Is Beautiful 2018, and I still think about it now, and it’s almost December. Elohim not only knows how to make attention getting music but also put on a good show. Everything, from her to the music and visuals, it was kismet.Every issue of WSM, I always share a couple of my favorite lyrics but for this album, I will share just one, with it being my favorite off the record. The lyrics reads, Imagine if I could see myself like you see me/ I wouldn’t be so obsessed with being somebody else/ Imagine if I was free, from all the self deprecating disease/ Compare myself to the screen and all the fake, plastic, glorified dreams. These lyrics are from the last song on the album called Insecure.

My favorite thing about Elohim is her ability to lure you in with her music and keep you hypnotized with her lyrics. I give Elohim five out of five spins, for being a perfect record, everything from music, production, vibes, and on down to her lyrics. In fact, I have spun this record twice, today while I was writing this. Go now and give this record a listen it will transport you to place you never been before but feel strikingly familiar.

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