What’s Spinning Me #7: Mild Orange

Welcome to the fourth and finale issue through some music from the “Land Down Under”. This issue of What’s Spinning Me, we explore the band Mild Orange and their hot debut record Foreplay! Now, I know I said Australia but I made a mistake because Mild Orange is actually from New Zealand, which is right across the way through the Tasman Sea, so please forgive me for my lack of skill in geography. Mild Orange is a new hot band, that has been making waves in the alternative/Indie world and their album Foreplay, is a powerful vibe that cannot be caged!


Mild Orange is a four piece band from Dunedin, New Zealand, who are considered an indie psychedelic rock band and has made a monster album debut in the world of music! Mild Orange consist of members Jack Ferguson (drums), Josh Mehrtens (Vocals, guitar), Josh Reid( guitar), and Tom Kelk(bass). Mild Orange’s debut record Foreplay was released earlier this year in April and it was all an DIY process. The band is independent with no label backing. Foreplay is a journey that brings you joy and a very psychedelic feel. The album is very guitar driven, mixed with chill vibes and jazzy bass parts. The lyrics compliment the music very well, an experimental marriage of mellow vibes, sensual and feel good lyrics. If you are looking to party, this album is not for you. This is a chill record and it’s meant for down time, and maybe even some personal time with your lover.

Mild Orange2

Foreplay features eleven seamless tracks that flow from one song to the next. Every song, like every great album, flows and there are no lulls or dull moments. The song Some Feeling has reached above four million views on YouTube, bringing positive reviews to the album after it’s release. The band has no upcoming tour announced but I am sure there will be something to look forward to in 2019.

I discovered Mild Orange during musical rut I was having in early 2018. I randomly found the audio for the song Some Feeling, on a random YouTube channel called Alona Chemerys and was sucked in immediately. I then discovered Mild Orange had released a full length album named Foreplay. My personal favorite tracks on this record are Stranger, Some Feeling, Terandara, and Where Are We Now?. I have a couple of favorite lyrics on this album, one being from the song Selfish Lover. The lyrics read, Well maybe I’m a selfish lover, huh/ The last heart you’ll uncover or maybe you’re a selfish lover, huh?/ and I’ll never love no other. Another solid lyric is from the song Where Are We Now?. The lyrics read, I will sail oceans just to see your face again/ And I took a breath under water to lie on your side/ But where are we now? Cause it’s not over.

Mild Orange, personally isn’t the usual kind of band I listen to, they are a breath of fresh air for me. Very far from the usual haunts of my music playlist, since discovering the band I have played the album countless times and will continue to. Mild Orange announced a vinyl pressing of Foreplay, a while back and only 150 copies were made. Call me a pretentious hipster, I don’t care, this is album is worth the abuse I get from my friends and colleagues. Foreplay receives five out of five spins, for music, lyrics, and overall vibe. Mild Orange created a flawless album and the future is pretty bright for the boys of Dunedin. Dare I say the future is bright orange, and not mild!!! It is also worth mentioning that, Foreplay is on my short list of Album Of The Year. Go forth my friends, and get yourself some foreplay!

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