What’s Spinning Me #6: Alison Wonderland

I mentioned in my past article (What’s Spinning Me #5: Stand Atlantic) that I would be going back down to the “The Land Down Under” for more great music! Today, I bring you EDM artist Alison Wonderland and her hot 2018 record Awake, for this issue of What’s Spinning Me.


Alison Wonderland, a Sydney native released her second record, Awake earlier this year in April. Awake is her latest release since her debut record Run of 2015. Awake features 14 tracks and features such as Trippie Redd, Slumberjack, Blessus, and Chief Keef.


The album brings deep vibes and raw heart felt emotion laced with Alison Wonderland electronic production skills. Also, to be followed by her personalized vocals driven with candid lyrics and feelings. Four singles were produced for the promotion of Awake, Happy Place, Church, No, and High ft. Trippie Redd. Alison Wonderland is currently on her Awake Tour and she will be touring with Dillon Francis on a co-headlining tour named Lost My Mind Tour in early 2019.

alison and Dillon

This record in my opinion is Alison Wonderland’s best work to date, she really stepped up her game from her last release, Run. Alison really brought the heat production wise and lyrically. The lyrics on Awake are more candid andblunt in my opinion, well that is how I interpret them. One of my favorite lyrics is from the song Easy. Take some more pills, try to crack a smile, thinkin back the weekends that felt good/Yeah it’s been a while but I try to scrape through and keep my head above the clouds/ Cause I know myself and I know this isn’t who I am. I am a big fan of this woman, she is, in my opinion the hottest thing in EDM genre. She creates catchy music that also feels, she is another individual who can create a vibe. She is a true artist. I have seen her live three times at EDC and she puts on a hell of a show, from the visuals to her music in a live environment is, dare I say flawless.

My personal favorite tracks on this records are No, Easy, Church, Dreamy Dragon ft. Chief Keef, and title track Awake. I followed this record from promotion, pre ordered it, and it sits cool in my vinyl collection as we speak. That being said, I give this record five out of five spins. I have personally spun this record that many times at home. A lot of artists in the EDM genre typically sound the same, and it seems most artists are doing the same things. Alison Wonderland’s music is more than just EDM, she makes feel good music loaded with truth, emotion, and overall good vibes.

If you are going to be an in area where she comes through on tour, I highly suggest that you give her a try and check out her live show, she will become your Messiah, bringing you that fire!


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