Anime and Me #2: Assassination Classroom

Imagine, you live in a world where you are part of a class and your sole mission is to assassinate your teacher. Now, I know that sounds tasteless and down right insane, but go with me for a minute. Now, imagine you are part of a universe somewhere, where you go to a school that classifies you as a misfit and sends you to an alternate school only to be visited by a government official with your teacher. This official informs you as a class that your objective before the school year ends is to end the life of your teacher. He also tells you that your teacher is an unkillable creature, who if you don’t kill, will end the world. Has this caught your attention yet? This week I tackle the anime series Assassination Classroom and that was just a little run through of the series’ plot.

Assassination Classroom is an adaptation of a manga written and illustrated by. Yusei Matsui. It was featured in Shueiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012 until 2016. In 2015 an anime adaptation was made and originally ran on the Fuji TV network. Two live action movie adaptations were made and also one animated film.

As mention before Assassination Classroom is an anime that deals with training middle school misfits into deadly assassins. The plot is based around “E” Class, a class that is filled with misfits and bottom of the barrel students at Kunugigaoka Junior High who, on the first day are met by a man named Mr. Tadaomi Karasuma. He is a govermment official who brings a creature with him on the first day of school to inform the students that they will be tasked to assassinate their teacher, the yellow octopus creature standing next to him. The students then learn that their teacher has destroyed part of the moon and intends to destroy the earth by the end of the school year. The students also learn that he will also teach them while they are trying to kill him. The teacher creature is nameless and has a skeptical background but the students all agree to call him “Koro-Sensei”. All is not for nothing though, if the students succeeed in assassinating Koro-Sensei they will get to split a jackpot of 10 billion Yen. The students at first go wild and try to assassinate him but they soon find out he can move up to the speed of Mach 20 and regular guns can’t kill him. The students then learn they have a better shot at killing Koro-Sensei working as a team.

Later in the series you will meet students like Nagisa Shiota, Karma Akabane, and even an AI (Artificial Intelligence) student named Ritsu. You learn that every student has their strengths and they all work together to make good grades, become better people, become A-1 assassins, and have many attempts at killing their teacher Koro-Sensei. This series will have your emotions and even your own morals on the line, but it’s a hell of a ride!

I discovered Assassination Classroom from some people in passing and constantly seeing it promoted on Amazon and on the Funimation app. Taking that as a sign I decided to give it a shot. I then read the plot and instantly thought “This is gonna be a good one! Boy, was I right! The story will really have you going at times and you will fall in love with the characters. Assassination Classroom really makes you feel all the emotions the human anatomy and psyche has to offer. All that being said this anime gets five out five kutsu(shoes). From animation to story this anime is outstanding, they really knocked it out of the park on this one! Give it a watch, you might just end up cheering on these students.

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