What’s Spinning Me #5: Stand Atlantic

2018 has been a wild year for music, many new bands on the rise. Here, recently I have found myself discovering new music, new bands, and artists from all over the globe. Lately there has been one common thread with some of these bands and that thread is Australia. This special issue of What’s Spinning Me I cover Australian band number two of four, Stand Atlantic and their debut record Skinny Dipping.

Next week will be the completion of my journey through music from the land down under!! Be on the lookout!!

Stand Atlantic is an up and coming Pop Punk band that hails all the way from Sydney, Australia that is part of the Hopeless Records family. The band signed with Hopeless Records back in September of this year and released their debut record Skinny Dipping October 26. The album features ten songs that bring high energy, thoughtful lyrics, slow tunes, and singalongs. The perfect blend for a Pop Punk record and especially a debut record. Stand Atlantic consist of members, vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, Bassist, David Potter, and drummer Jonno Panichi.

Stand Atlantic will be on tour with One Ok Rock and Waterparks come February of 2019. The band will also have their own headline UK and Europe tour starting that following March. Be sure to catch this hot band on tour in 2019!

This record is one, if not the hottest Pop Punk record that has been released this year. Stand Atlantic has really brought something special to the table of music. Though this record has every great ingredient for a stellar Pop Punk record but also a great record in general. There are no skippable songs on this record, it flows like the slow Autumn breeze. This is a perfect record to jam while vibing to this Autumn weather. Skinny Dipping is filled with flawless and relatable lyrics. One, being I’m not a saint, I became everything I hate/ I still paint you red, just to forget your name/and piece myself together with a stale glue/ found out you’re full of shit, why don’t you swallow it, from the anthemic song Lost My Cool. Or this lyric from the slow tune Cigarette Kiss, Staple my eyes to my chest, cause I wanna pretend that we’re better than this/ Hiding intentions through subtle inflexions like you know I’m asking for it/I wanted more so I went and got it, you wanted more so you came and got it / and I got that winter chill with summer’s guilt.

I discovered Stand Atlantic when my friend Colin and I were in Los Angeles, the morning before a Real Friends show. Since then, I have had their album on repeat, non-stop, all day until I sleep, then rinse and repeat. This record is on my short list for best Pop Punk record of 2018. My personal favorite tracks on the record are Lost My Cool, Skinny Dipping, Cigarette Kiss, Burn In The Afterthought, and Toothpick. That being said Skinny Dipping receives five out of five spins. Perfect record, no skippable songs, and almost every song is a chantable anthem. Every important element has been met in my eyes as it pertains to Pop Punk. I will be catching their show with One Ok Rock when they roll through Las Vegas. Give it a listen, you might just find yourself singing along.

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