What’s Spinning Me #3: Honne

One of the best pleasures in life is discovering great music you didn’t know about before. A friend and I paid a visit to the newly located Zia Records out here in Las Vegas in search of just that. My friend Colin and I have a Zia ritual where we snap photos of records that look aesthetically appealing and later we check out the albums we snapped photos of. This past Friday we snapped a photo of Honne’s debut record

Warm On A Cold Night, which was released July of 2016. This lead to us discovering music gold, after devouring that record I discovered that they had released a new record this year back in August, leaving one chomping at the bit to give it a listen. Honne’s second record Love Me/Love Me Not will be the focus of this week’s What’s Spinning Me.

Honne is an English electronic duo from London consisting of singer/producer Andy Clutterbuck and producer James Hatcher. Honne is a musical force that includes electronic, R&B, Synth, and a touch of soul, which perfectly describes their second record Love Me/Love Me Not. The record is a cloud ride at cruising altitude above the city of Tokyo. 12 seamless songs that flow with lyrical content on the subjects of love, sanity, retrospect, nostalgia, late nights, and of course some heartbreak. Honne created a vibe with this record, an encompassing surge of catchy music, thoughtful lyrics, and a feeling that transports you somewhere other than your being. Honne released six Singles for promotion of LM/LMN, Me&You, I Just Wanna Go Back, Day 1, Sometimes, Location Unknown, and 306.

Honne is currently on their heading world tour named Love Me/ Love Me Not World Tour. The last eight shows of the tour are already sold out, proving folks that LM/LMN is no sophomore slump.

Discovering Honne at Zia Records was a hidden gift from the universe. Both of their records are perfect, and by that I mean as in musical direction, lyrics, how it flows seamlessly, and how it feels more like a vibe and not just music. My favorite tracks off Love Me/Love Me Not are I Might, Me & You, Shrink, Feels So Good, and I Just Wanna Go Back. Some of my favorite lyrics of 2018 are on this record, like, “Say hello to Tokyo, I can see myself living right here/ I could lose ya in Shibuya, close your eyes and watch me disappear.” from the song I Might. Another great lyric is from the song Me &You, “And I was doing fine but as you came in, I watch my future re-write/ I’m not ready, I am not prepared/ I was so steady on my feet but now I’m up in the air/ It’s just you and me with world beneath our feet, we can see for miles up here.”. Honne is the perfect duo to get you out of any music rut. They bring a different taste to the table of music, it’s feel good music with twists of emotion sewed into it. LM/LMN gets five spins out of five, I discovered Honne just a couple days ago and I haven’t put this record down, it’s been on constant repeat lately. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you typically listen, in fact I hate the word genre because good music is good music and you don’t need something like genre to get in the way of that. If you are an musichead like I am then jam this record as soon as you can because we are waiting for you on the other side. LM/LMN is in the running for my personal Album Of The Year, and a very strong candidate for winning. This record in few words, feels so good, and don’t you want to feel good too?

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