Blizzcon 2018 Announcement Highlights!

For the past few days Blizzard Entertainment has held their annual convention “Blizzcon”! Just like every year Blizzard came out, and gave their fans everything their hearts desired. So let’s get into some of the amazing thing that Blizzard has planned.


Overwatch once again had a laundry list of additions, and special stuff announced for its future. The headline of all of these has to be the new Lucio-Ohs cereal in partnership with Kellogg’s! The name comes from an in-game voice line from Lucio himself, and I cant wait to get my hand on these!


Also all the news that everyone almost forgot about was certainly the announcement of the new character “Ashe’! Ashe came with a new cinematic, and even an introduction trailer. She looks like she will have quite a unique play style, almost mixing up some characters gun play, and infusing them into another unique look at a hero. The new cinematic , “Reunion” is amazing and goes very spaghetti western. Showing the connection between Ashe, and Mccree!


World of Warcraft. 

The killer cinematics don’t stop with Overwatch! The WoW cinematics have always been good, and this one is no exception. The new Lost Honor cinematic is beautiful, and even though I know nothing really about WoW these cinematics, always make me want to play it a little bit.


Blizzard also announced the next remaster in the Warcraft series, and it will be Warcraft 3 Reforged! So all you fans of the older Warcraft titles will be very excited to hear this. With better graphics, better UI, and even more graphical support it should look amazing!



We have a new expansion coming to the world of Hearthstone, and it is named Rastakhan’s Rumble! The features coming across, and a ton of new cards!  I personally can’t wait to give this one a try.


Hero’s of The Storm. 

Just like Overwatch, HoTS is keeping the tradition of bringing a new character. We now have the newly announced “Orphea”. For the first time we have a character that was designed for HoTS, and not coming from another game like Overwatch or Diablo!  She seems unique, and looks like she will be something fresh for HoTS!

On top of all these announcements, we have all kinds of esports news, and such that will get cover. Specifically the Overwatch World Cup!  So be sure to stay tuned!

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