Shante’s PullBox


Happy Halloween my wonderful comic book fans it’s Shante with another Pull Box pick of the Week. To close out the Month of October I have one last scary comic to recommend to you freaks, from Marvel comics I give you Avengers Halloween Special #1. Simalir to DC comics Halloween special they dropped a couple weeks back, Marvel gives you 5 horrific reimagining stories involving our Favorite hero’s. What if Daredevil regained his eye sight but it costed him his sanity. What if Captain America after being defrosted came back Pure Evil seeking blood for what had happened to him. What if when the Fantasic 4 gained there powers in space the storm drove them all mad and Dr. Doom was the only one to defend Earth from their Terror. You’ll find a story of Punisher took placed all the way back in the 1800s with him still being badass and seeking revenge for the death of his family. The book closes out with 3 children Trick or Treating, the children stumble across an old abandoned Xavier’s School For the Gifted, well the school isnt so abandoned and the Gifted children that used to fill it’s hallways are replaced with Monsters of the past but I’m not gonna spoiled the ending of it. The book is available at all you’re local comic book shops pick it up, talk to you guys next week and have a great Halloween again. I hope you guys enjoyed this month of Scares just as much I enjoyed writing these reviews.


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