Shante’s Pull Box


Hello my spooky Comic Book fans it’s Shante with this Weeks Pull Box Pick, with a week away from Halloween let’s keep the Scares going this time from Dynamite Entertainment with Mars Attack #1. First things first this book was fucking hilarious and I highly recommend it. From the writer of “Rick and Morty” Kyle Starks & artwork from “Squirrel Girl” artist Chris Schweitzer. The comic is about a Father and his son. The son named Spencer a freeloading middle age deadbeat. The father an Proud army Vet Mr. Major Carbutt 😂. The story starts with Spencer’s visiting his father at his Retirement Home to ask his father for money after losing his job for the 7th time this year alone. Major automatically knows his son is there to ask for something because Spencer only visit his father on Sundays well today is Wednesday. Major begins to yell at Spencer asking himself what he did wrong with his son, and why he never served in the Military. “Every Generation of a Carbutt Man Served”. Spencer like the lazy guy he is just brushes off his father and ask him soooo you’re not lend me anything ?. The pair begin to argue even more amongst their bickering Major Carbutt’s doctor walks in asking Carbutt would he like an lethal dose of pentobarbital to end it quick. The pair literally are shocked by this, Major saying get the hell outta here. See the pair were fighting so much and didn’t notice the breaking news on television. Martians have invaded Earth and their bad ass with heads shaped like “Angry Testes” yes ball Testicles words from the good Dr, the aliens have burnt down the White House, Blasted Manhattan, Knocked down the Empire State Building, and destroyed numerous Navy Fleets. The end is really here for Humanity. The aliens finally reached outside their town, Major being the Proud American Vet he is won’t accept this truth he didn’t survive Nam, did Numerous tours on Foregin soil, lived thru two heart attacks just to lie down and get space-raped by Martians. The pair plan to escape and survive this Apocalypse and that’s how this wacky crude humor story starts. Like I said before I highly recommend this book, the “Rick and Morty” vibe is all thru this comic if you’re an fan. Please pick it up and support Dynamite Entertainment one of the most slepted on comic book companies out there can’t wait for issue #2, it’s available at all you’re local comic shops talk to you freaks next week to close off this month of spooks. 🎃👻


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