What’s Spinning Me #1: You Me At Six

Music is a big part in my life and it makes sense that most of what I write is music related. What’s Spinning Me will be articles on Albums past and current. Today we are getting into the the album XI by. You Me At Six.

English Alt Rock band You Me At Six released their sixth record VI on October 5, 2018. The album is their latest release since 2017’s Night People, an album that showcased a more nightlife sound. VI is no different, the band comes at you with ten “Bangers” (lingo of the youngsters). Every song delves in different aspects of the nightlife and the world that revolves around. Throwing in other themes of sex, bad decisions, and some heart break.

The singles that lead to the album’s release are 3AM, Fast Forward, and IOU. The band released a music video for the track Back Again shorly after the album release. You Me At Six will hit the road with a European Headline Tour, come 2019.

I have been a fan of You Me At Six a long time, it was around 2010 when they had released their second album Hold Me Down, is when I discovered them. That being said, the one thing I love about YMA6 is that every record they put out sounds better and differs from the last. I do enjoy this album a lot, I play it multiple times a day. Though, the record has a similair vibe and theme as the last, it still trumps and brings out another layer of YMA6. My favorite tracks are 3AM, Back Again, Pray For Me, and Losing You.

I will be basing these “What’s Spinning Me” reviews with “Spins”, five spins being the best. Represents idealistically how many times I will spin the record on a record player. I give this album four spins and the only reason it is being held back from five, is the similair theme as the last album. The album otherwise, musically and lyrically is A1. Go give it a listen Y’all.

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