Shante’s Pull Box

Hello Hello my Beautiful Comic Book Fans it’s Shante with another Pull Box Pick of the Week. Lets keep this Halloween Fright Train going along this time from the side of Marvel with Marvel Zombie #1 “2018”. This story is completely different from the original, but still has all the Gore and Horror you freaks love. Humanity’s last defense to hold off this Zombie Apocalypse are the Defenders. A misfit team made up by Spider-Man, Black Widow, Moon Girl, Misty Knight, Hawkeye, Falcon and their fearless and blindness leader “Red Leader” aka an old and bitter Daredevil. The teamates argue and fight with each other more then they fight zombies. Half the time wants to find a cure for Humanity and the other half is just Like “fuck it” if you’re bitten you Die there’s no hope for you I’m putting a bullet in you “wink wink” Black Widow. In the core of this comic its a story about friendship yeah fucking friendship between an little kid named Danny who searchers desperately for his Mother which I’m 1000% sure is fucking dead somewhere and a Zombie named Simon Garth. You see Simon is a “good” zombie doesn’t have the desire to feed and kill. The pair end up getting the same vodoo necklaces which is never  revealed how they got, oh yeah nevermind Danny Boy got his from a pile of bones. The necklaces Link the pair so that Danny can control Simons body. Well here’s when thinks get Fun Danny is part of Daredevils resistance team, they want to use this power to send Simon on a suicide nuclear fission bomb mission the “N.E.C.R.O bomb” that Moon Girl develops to save and clear out the remain 10000 zombies that are terrorizing New York. This books has that sacrifice 1 to save millions feel, the team is torn by this decision but I’m not gonna spoil the ending for you guys. It’s available at all you’re local comic book shops today, pick it up to see how this bizzarre, gross, funny and I have to say heartfelt story ends. Talk to you guys Next week.🎃👻



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