The Ability To Change That Ancient PSN Name, Is Just Around The Corner!

Sony has finally announced that the long-awaited ability to change your PSN name from, xB0ngSlay3rx to a more socially acceptable name is finally coming. Starting in early 2019 the ability will drop on to PS, with your first name change being free! After that however a fee of $9.99 for non ps plus member, and $4.99 for ps plus members.

The only major downside is that name changes will not be completely acceptable across all games, and applications that have released before April 1st, 2019. After that it does sound like name changes will be completely excepted. Any issues that are caused by name changes sound like they can be cured, by reverting back to your original psn name.

After all this time this has probably been the number one most requested feature from Playstation users, and especially ones who have had their name since the original launch in 2006! After years of requesting it, at least it’s finally coming!

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