Shante’s Pull Box

Hello You Comic Book Fans it’s Shante just in time for Halloween DC comics has released one of their most frightening comics yet with Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1. 10 Horrific mini anthology stories one that is writing by the Screenwriter of “IT” Gary Dauberman . Our favorite hero’s face off with things that Bump and Hump in the night times a 1000.

I can’t lie with a price tag of 10.00 I was a little skeptical at first, you’re pretty much paying a buck per story, but as I dove into the pages of this 80 page giant size comic I felt in my opinion it was worth it.

From amazing art work from various famous artists like Riccardo Federici just to name one, to a Black Lighting and Katana team up with them fighting Kuchisake-Onna “The Slit Mouth Women”, to a story featuring everybody’s favorite DC Green red eyed Monster Swap Thing playing mad Doctor, to Guy Gardner facing off with Zombie aliens it’s the perfect book to get all you freaks in the Halloween Spirit if you’re not already in it. It’s out today at all you’re local comic book shops. Talk to you guys next week. 🎃👻


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