The Best Games To Get You Ready For Halloween!

Its October! The time of year that everyone loves to get a little freaked out. Some people like watching horror movies to get them a little frightened, and some people like a move interactive experience. Horror games are one of the best ways to get your scare on, and I’m here to help you find some for you to play!

The Outlast Series. 


Though it is not a series that everyone loves, Outlast can give you some great moments of pure horror. Outlast is a little less of a game, and more of a horror show on rails. With jump scares galore, and even giving you moments that are extremely suspenseful. Going into the abandoned asylum for the first time is terrifying, and the game doesn’t wait to get the horror going. Outlast gives you the feeling of complete helplessness, and continues that feeling throughout the whole game. Keeping you running from everyone you meet.

Amnesia: The Dark Decent. 


This! This game started so many incredibly huge YouTube channels with its extremely tense game play. Balancing your sanity, and keeping your mind ready for never-ending puzzles to continue on through the game. Even though this game is a bit older it definitely holds up in its scare factor. Can you make it through the horrific nightmare that is Amnesia?

Until Dawn. 


Ok, so with this one I will say that this game is scary! The jump scares are placed well, and the mystery of the game is written great. The only thing is this is not as horrifying after the first or 2nd play through, so if you have played this before don’t expect to get your socks scared off. I will say that the continues branching paths that you get is great! So if you haven’t gotten all of the brutal endings, then this could be a great game to get you ready for Halloween!

Condemned: Criminal Origins. 


Condemned is a bit older, and is not a great graphical game. The story and scares are amazing! The scare value definitely holds up in the long run, and the tense places you are put in are perfect for the game. Trying to find out the mystery of a deadly serial killer you go through the most intense levels, that are in gaming. Defending yourself with only items you find through out each area you are placed. Condemned CO. is a tough one to get your hands on for console players, but if you are on PC this one is still available on Steam.

Silent Hill , Resident Evil 2. 


These two games have to be put together! 2 of the best horror games ever created hands down! Silent Hill captures the nonstop tension that other games beg for, while Resident Evil captures the original zombie outbreak scenario perfectly. While both games have their own unique play styles, they are both hands down perfect to get you ready for some Halloween fun!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. 


The most recent horror game that has come out that nails the horror theme has to be Res 7. With a perfect balance of scares, tension, anxiety, and pure adrenaline rushing terror. Resident Evil does have its flaws in the final act, but keeps up an amazing pace throughout. This is the horror game that everyone can get their hands on currently. The game looks amazing, and will give you the creeps constantly! If you are ready to get the yourself a little creeped out I cannot recommend this game more!

Honorable Mention!



The horror game everyone wishes we had. P.T. is honestly one of the most horrifying experiences you can find. P.T. is not a full game, and not available to download, so if you or a friend still have this, and haven’t played it in a while give it a look. You will jump, you will get the creeps, and you will have fun. The haunted house simulator is fun, and everything you can want for this spooky time of year.

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