Depth of Extinction Isn’t Horrible…

Frankenculture was given a preview copy a few weeks back of the HOF Studios turn based, RPG, 2D stylized shooter Depth of Extinction, and for whatever reason our fearless leader gave to me to download from Steam and give the game a try and write this review.  Frankenculture has no official grading scale set so I’ll just happily tell you what I think with the good and the bad mixed in haha.

First I will admit that when I played this game it was not yet available for public release and I was impressed that from what I played the game seemed smooth and bug free, I found nothing wrong with the game from a technical standpoint as far as no crashes or anything of the sort.

The story seems super in depth and has a lot of layers and places to explore across the map that the game provides with each little destination having a different out come and choice of action to accomplish the mission whether you want to be sneaky or go in guns blazing… me I’m always guns blazing!!! Once on a mission the game for me got a little clunky, a turn based style game can be fun for some but isn’t my cup of tea which is where I fell off a little, the movement and the cover system when in battle might need a little tweaking or I just suck, the argument there could go wither way but my characters would be behind cover deemed in game as 100% cover and I would still take damage and would be unable to hit an enemy in low percentage cover.

The looting system seemed pretty small as well, money found was in small amounts for as expensive as items in the shops were which was probably made that way to force you to play and explore as much as possible but who knows. Items found through out the maps such as armor, weapons, clothing items all had different purposes and stats for whatever also seemed few and far between.

The biggest and most enjoyable thing to me I found was the artwork, story line and voice acting which was a little corny but to me added some reason to smile as things happened throughout what small amount of the game I played.

My overall thoughts are that Depth of Extinction isn’t horrible, the look of the game and story to me are fun and the things that I don’t necessarily like about the game are more because I don’t like those kinds of things in my games in general, now if you’re personally a fan of turn based combat style games then feel free to try this game out yourself and lets chat you can send comments as you feel necessary.

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