F@%ked Up Cartoons: Camp Candy

If you were anything like me in the 90’s, Saturday morning cartoons reigned supreme.  At some point TV networks seemed to lose their minds and green light anything for a cartoon.  Multiple Jim Carrey  movies (which will be covered), Musicians, rated R movies and even toys that you would never think of as a cartoon.  Have you ever thought back about these and been like “Hey, what the fuck was that about”.  Well I did, and I’ve decided to go back and revisit some of these cartoons, for you all (and a little for me as well).


The years 1989 and John Candy is on top of the world. “Who’s Harry Crumb”, “Cannonball Fever”, “Uncle Buck” and “The Great Outdoors” had made John a staple of the American living room.  Of course, what’s the next step?  A children’s cartoon of course!  What else do children love?  A Theme song written by Harry Nilsson and sung by John Candy!



“Camp Candy” follows John Candy, who is now a camp counselor and his campers.  Each episode involves John telling a story to current campers about adventures he had with a group of past campers.  John tries to keep the kids alive and teach them a thing or two all while the evil Rex Deforest the third and his crony Chester try to destroy the camp in order to sell the land for profit!  Jerks


Let’s get into the first episode.  It introduces John, Nurse Molly (who John tells the kids during the story, “she had sort of a crush on me, it’s just something that happens sometimes” JOHN YOU DOG) and the main campers : Robin, Alex, Vanessa, Iggy, Binky and Rick.  It’s the first glimpse of Rex and Chester as well.  Rex is infuriated because Camp Candy is on prime real estate and he wants it back to tear down the whole damn forest for time share condos!

We start to learn that each camper has different attributes (Binky is adventurous as his brother Iggy is afraid of everything.)  John is trying to give the kids a great summer camp experience, and the kids are kind of jerks about it.  Chester is spying on the kids to get a feel about what the think of the camp.  Why?  If the kids hate Camp Candy he will have to shut it all down.


John decides to take the kids on a trip into the woods, but first he checks out a book of ghost stories to tell around the fire.  The Legend of Gimmi Goochie Woods catches his eye and he beats feet with the campers to the forest.  Rex is planning on bulldozing the whole forest, while the kids are camping of course.  They start the bulldozing at night and the campers believe that it’s the GIMMI GOOCHIE GHOSTS!! They realize it’s actually that asshole Chester and they hatch a plan to stop them by putting John into a tree and scaring them away.  The kids run off and leave John to fight this battle, but that’s ok, because the real Goochie Ghosts show up!  They scare off Chester and the other jerks and the camp is saved again!

camp candy comic

Camp Candy is an interesting cartoon because it was around for 3 seasons and 40 episodes, but didn’t spawn any toys.  It did have a short run Marvel Comic book, which means that Camp Candy will be in the MCU at some point (we can hope can’t we?).  Each episode of the 40 episodes involved another protagonist trying to destroy or close the camp, and the John with the campers saving it. Would I be into this as a child?  I don’t think so, it seems on par with something like “Shirt Tails” or something like that.


Join us next week as I trip down memory lane again and cover another fucked up cartoon from the 90s!  If you have any ideas for cartoons you’d like me to cover you can leave a comment below, hit us up on facebook or IG, or even email me!

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