An Anime movie that does in fact Go Beyond!

When a series with such a following announces a movie it brings up a lot of different feelings and of course, expectations. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was no different but I was ecstatic to find out once I stepped into the theater that I was not only getting a movie but an experience.


Even before entering the theater the atmosphere around was great, people scattered about talking about the series, complementing fandom attire and cosplay, this is not your typical blockbuster release, it had the vibe of so much more. Stepping foot in the room was no different.

“Nice Shirt!”

“Yea! AllMight!!”

“Watashi Ga Kita”

Turning the corner, greeted by like-minded folks, and to my surprise of all age groups. Being one of the best shonen anime out right now, I am happy to say my demographic assumption was.. say “Detroit Smashed”

The Movie itself is by no means perfect but I can 100% say it is a blast to sit through. MHA: Two Heroes is set during the break before Season 3 and takes place on a huge mobile research station known as I-Island. As this is an invite only event everyone is allowed to do as they please, Quirks are allowed and even encouraged as there are attractions and events for Quirk use.

After a brief but energetic introduction to All Might’s younger days, the gang is reunited, This to me is where to movie falls a bit short. Everyone is brought together in a “Oh hey, I’m here too” moment with the briefest of explanations, this happens a few times throughout the film and it kind of throws you off as you either miss what happened or are bombarded with bits of info for you to piece together.

The film does a good job of recapping My Hero Academia basics like Deku’s persona and relationship to All Might in the first half of the movie, So fret not if you are not fully caught up with the show, although it does help as there are several nods to past seasons. Although not everyone gets their shinning moment all of your favorite heroes in training are here (Well unless your favorite is Yuga he was just left out completely) but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed that such heavy hitters like Froppy and Mina got literal seconds of screen time.


You don’t need me to tell you that if you are a fan, this is a must watch. I may be biased as this series has had me hooked since the beginning but from start to finish (this includes the theater atmosphere) I had nothing but fun. Like the seasons it starts you off with adrenaline pumped action, has its highs and lows with sprinkled in comedy in between and then SMASHES you in the face with more action at the end that will have you at the edge of your seat. The main villain while forgettable still made for a tremendous last battle leaving you with the desire to see more, I can’t wait to see this again, in fact I tried for a later showing but it was sold out, Go see this while you still can!

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