Video Game Deals are Back!!

Putting up weekly video games deals went away briefly but we’re back and still as average as ever, but you will save some money if you read along.  Starting as usual with you wonderful PC gamers and the Steam marketplace I’m sure you shop at.  Right off the bat Steam comes in swinging with the most current Assassin’s Creed: Origins which is currently 50% off totaling $29.99.asss

Then there’s a very popular shooter Arma 3 which is currently 66% off lowering the total to $13.59.arma

New lets jump into the Play Station market place where they have a couple sweet deals as well. you can download Detroit: Become Human which is 40% off totaling the game at $35.99.detroit-become-human-gameplay

Along with Battlefield 1 Which is super discounted at 87% off making the game $5.19Battlefield-1-multiplayer

Now onto Microsoft and the Xbox marketplace where I found the For Honor: Deluxe Edition which is 70% off lowering the game to $21.00.ForHonor-2

Then a somewhat oldie but still goodie Trails Fusion which is 67% off lowering the game to $6.60.tra

I’ll finish this weeks article with a couple screen shots of GameStops Pro Day sale that is one day only tomorrow September 15th and these deals can be found online or in a GameStop in your neighborhood.DnD2tKgVsAYfq34




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