Destiny 2 Forsaken One Week Review!

Last Tuesday Destiny got the biggest update the franchise has ever dropped. The Forsaken update is full of new content from new loot, to a handful of great boss fights. Bungie claimed over and over that the story we would be put on was one of revenge, and they were completely right! The story you go through is greatly told, and even some of the most harsh on Destiny will like this story.

The new enemy you are given to fight is a deformed version of The Fallen deemed The Scorn. The more you play the update you realize that the scorn are not a typical reskin of an old enemy type. With different critical spots, and different fighting styles from the fallen, they truly feel like they are their own. I can even say I dislike fighting the scorn that’s like a mini spartan! With all the new enemies there is also the awesome boss fights.


The boss to this update is not just one but nine! After the events you see at the beginning of the update, your guardian decides to avenge their fallen friend. You fight the 8 leaders of the Scorn. Each boss fight felt unique and each one can’t exactly be rushed. The Barrons as they are called, have unique move sets, and smaller enemies to help them out. The final boss much like the others is a great and can be tough fight. To keep away from spoilers I wont say who the final boss fight is, but I will say it is unexpected and extremely fun.

We can’t talk about fun in Destiny without talking about the new game mode Gambit! Gambit is a PvE and PvP playlist, where your team of 4 players must defeat waves of enemies and a final boss before the opposing team. On top of that both teams can send a player of your team to the opposing to slow down the enemy from summoning the final boss.
Now when I first started playing Gambit I was not the biggest fan. The “invasion” of other players would really get on my nerves, but now that I have put some more time into it I love it. The mode is a breath of fresh air from the regular strikes and PvP playlists, and I think that Gambit has the potential to be a long-standing game mode in Destiny 2.


I can’t say how amazing all of the weapons are from personal experience, but I can tell you about the few I’ve had. The bows feel amazing! Precision shots feel great with them, and with some of the perks you get the bows can be a downright top-tier weapon. While the new exotic sword is amazing! With a projectile attack that can get rid of more than one enemy at a time, So far the new weapons I’ve had I have personally enjoyed playing with.

I would say that if you were unsure about the DLC I think it is a great buy, especially if you are a fan of Destiny. I will say from playing in on 2 characters, and doing my best to speed run just the base campaign it is probably a little more on the difficult side. My best time for a speed run was about 5 hours. When you compare that to any Destiny campaign it is larger, and far better than anything we have had before. I think that Forsaken is an amazing time, and definitely worth the buy!

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