Attack on Titan “Trust” Review!

Sorry for missing out last week guys, but I am back this week with some more Attack on Titan coverage. This weeks most recent episode was Trust, and this episode is all about progression of story.

This week we got to see the brutality that Levi possesses, and how corrupt the government is. Not many people know the truth about anything, and its starting to show. The rag-tag group that is now the scouts, are fully trying to take on the government. Putting themselves up against the military police, and the king himself. Fortunately in this episode the scouts manage to make some new allies, that may just be able to help them in the long run.


We also get more clues towards what exactly the king, and military police are up to.  Next weeks episode “Reply” looks like we will get even more answers to some of these burning questions. Here is hoping that we get those answers too.

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