Nintendo Switch Online!!!

Is anyone else as excited as we are for another paid online console service? With Nintendo finally announcing their new pay online service coming mid September console gamers will have another pay to play online service on their hands.

Admittedly Nintendo’s price for their awesomely selling console is considerably cheaper than that their competition the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One both being $60 for the year, with plans for Switch Online starting at One Month of service for $3.99, three months of service for $7.99, and a full year of service for $19.99 along with Nintendo offering a year long family plan for $34.99 which would allow one switch owner to allow up to seven other to join their plan for the year and have access to Switch Online its considerably a great deal.

Nintendo Switch Online will be adding features as well, things like online play for a collection of their games, NES games will be added to their library after launch with other games being added regularly, a cloud based save system which we haven’t gotten full word on yet, a smart phone app to go with their online service and other special offers to be announced before the arrival of the service.

Switch owners although finally being charged to use the console might be bummed. I personally will be remaining optimistic that this service is a good thing for the fun little console and am looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

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