Attack on Titan “Pain” Review.

Another week has come and gone, and so has another episode Attack on Titan! This week  we continued the journey that we left on last episode. Last time we saw the Scouts devise a plan to get Eren, and Historia out of danger, and saw the danger find them and the others.

The episode started off with amazing action, following Levi as he uses his manuever gear throughout the city. Dodging and weaving to get out of the range of the new enemy, and former roomie of Levi. Kenny the new assailant, and murderer of the Scouts looks to be a fierce enemy and ruthless! We continue on with the episode after the small exchange between former friends, and see how corrupt this world that the Attack on Titan is in.


The episode is amazing though again this episode lacks some action, what action we get is brutal. Levi even shoots his manuever gear into other people! Story wise this is a very story driven episode that pushes the plot ahead, and it does it well. Out of 2 episodes so far this season I am still throughly hooked, and cant wait to see what happens next week!

Next weeks episode “Old Story” will be out Monday Aug 6th, 2018!

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