Overwatch League Has It’s Inaugural Season Champions, And Finals MVP!

Six months have gone by, and the Overwatch League has crowned their first ever champions in the London Spitfire!


Beating the Philadelphia Fusion by a total score of 6 – 1, London will be taking home the first ever OWL Championship.  A team that was always one of the best in the business, showed up and even adapted down the stretch. Playing against a very formidable team in Philadelphia, with new patches coming in London showed their ability to adapt. Players across the board showed up and shined throughout the series.

Speaking about a player that shined was the star dps player of the Spitfire Profit! Play after play, character after character. Profit showed up and its the reason he won the first OWL Finals MVP.

Credit twich.tv/playoverwatch for the clip.

With the first every champions being crowned, the target will be heavily on their back. Will other teams be able to prepare for the champions, and will they be able to adapt to the different playstyles that these guys showed! Congrats to the London Spitfire!



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