Nintendo’s New Labo Kit is All About Planes, Subs and Automobiles!

Today Nintendo announced that Labo will be getting a new plethora of accessories, and these new additions will be all vehicle themed! You will now be able to control your own car, plane and even a submarine! The new additions should be coming  September 14th for $69.99, and will even add new toy-cons.

The new “Vehicle Kit” will include a toy-con for you foot pedal and even keys to your new vehicles. All of these vehicles have special moves such as a saw blade for the car, rockets for the plane, and what seemed to be some sort of harpoon. This new kit will even be able to give you the ability to have a multiplayer aspect letting your friend take control of these special moves while your drive! Take a look at the video that Nintendo has released for the new Labo Vehicle Kit.

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