Scott Aukerman and Mojo from X-Men to Collaborate!

Sorry Reggie Watts.  Move Over Weirdo Al.  SEE YA LATER KID CUDI.  Scott Aukerman has a new band leader!  That’s right, the lovable lad from Mojo World has signed a multi-year contract to be Scotts newest band leader on Comedy Bang Bang!  I can’t wait to hear the back and forth banter between these two, folks, you’re going to love it.


What’s that?  Comedy Bang Bang has been off the air for a few years?  So Mojo isn’t Scott Aukermans newest band leader?  What’s all this news about then?


Alrighty!  Announced this past weekend at SDCC, Marvel is launching a one off series entitled “X-Men Black”  A weekly series will focus on a different villain from the X-Men universe. Juggernaut, Emma Frost, Magneto, Mojo and Mystique will all get a new story told in a nice neat one issue package.  Each book announced its writing and artist team at SDCC.

Emma Frost (Leah Williams/Chris Bachalo), Magneto (Chris Claremont/Dalibor Talajic), Mojo (Scott Aukerman/Nick Bradshaw), Mystique (Seanan McGuire/Marco Failla), and Juggernaut (Robbie Thompson/Shawn Crystal).  The most exciting news is that of Aukerman.  His Deadpool book is amazing and I highly recommend it, but his take on the psycho, spineless TV executive from Mojo World, I’m sure will be legendary.


Make sure to check these books out in October!

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