Attack on Titan is Back! “Smoke Signal” Review!

Yesterday saw the return of the anime series Attack on Titan, bringing it around for its third season. The anime makes its return to further the story of Eren and his friends. Episode 1 came out, and so far the show has kept its beautiful style.

Episode 1 titled “Smoke Signal” brings you right back to Eren and the group after the events of season 2, and it brings you up to speed on what is currently going on. The newly formed squad commanded by Levi is holed up in a small cottage. Preparing themselves for the next mission they will take, but quickly this episode takes a turn! We get a bit of a murder mystery, and this mystery involves a new character that many viewers will not know. At the end we get a bit more info on who the new bady is, but what will the group do now that there is another obstacle in their way?



The show still looks as amazing as always, the voice acting flawless, and the action we get to see (tho very little this episode) was beautifully done. I am very happy to see one of my favorite animes continue to move forward, and I’m very excited to see what story unfold this season!  The next episode named  “Pain” will be out July 19th 2018.

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