Shout/ Scream Factory Even Made it to SDCC

Where they were kind enough to drop all of the upcoming video awesomeness for you people that still collect actual videos and don’t just download or stream things. The two websites are known for showing up to comic con and giving everyone a heads up of what to get excited for in the coming year.


The team at Shout Factory announced such titles as, The Jerk starring Steve Martin in a 4K remaster, When Harry Met Sally and even the Legally Blond Collection if you have a serious need to add to your Reese Witherspoon collection.


Then the people from the horror team of Scream Factory announced some awesome titles Like Screamers, The Craft if you’re feeling a little witchy and something I might invest in myself is the Candyman Collector’s Edition.

The list of titles on both Shout Factory and Scream Factory from this years San Diego Comic Con are longer than I’ve shared and their respective websites have more than you could think of, but feel free to look them up and get excited for yourself.


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