SDCC 2018: Jakks Pacific Panel Review

Jakks Pacific.  I honestly didn’t know what they did anymore, as they lost the WWE action figure line a while ago.  Here I am, looking like a HORSES ASS, because they do so much fun stuff.  Let’s get right into it!



Wave 2 of Nintendo Squish toys on the way. Smash a goomba or a Yoshi egg (You monster)?  Gamestop has a ton of exclusives including wind up toys! Walgreens and Gamestop are also getting WON figure exclusives!

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Harry Potter

med_Niffler Challenge


Blind box die cast Harry Potter wands!  Niffler Challenge Game, looks like a balance game (thanos favorite!).  Training playset wands!  Harry, Dumbledore and Voldemort.  Spell chart included.




WWE Heavyweight Belt, Target Exclusive.  Collectors type with leather strap. 20inch John Cena Target Exclusive.  Wrestling Buddies are back! Ringside collectibles exclusive.  Matt and Jeff Hardy!


Incredibles 2

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Basic Figures Wave 2.  Jack Jack, Edna Mode, Elastic Girl, Mr. Incredible, Underminer.  Blind box Minis.  Junior Supers:  Mr. I, Elastigirl and underminer, Dash and Elastigirl .  Dress up Costumed Action Figures.  Elastigirl and Edna.  Incredbile RC car.


Mega Man

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8-bit 2packs will be at Gamestop and singles will be at Walgreens.  Mega Man 11 3-pack will be available at Gamestop.  Features Mega man, an enemy and Mega with the enemy Power!  You can now hug Mega Man and Rush as they will be available with Zero as plush! 12″ deluxe electronic Mega Man. Playing with the figure results in authentic game sounds and music. When figure falls – it plays the sound corresponding to dying.


What’re some of your favorite announcements from Jakks?  Tons of WON and Mega Man news!



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