Shyamalan’s “Glass” Got A New Trailer!

Day 2 of SDCC is underway, and today Universal Studios had some announcements. One of them being a brand new trailer for the upcoming “Glass” film.

Glass will be the third part of Shyamalan’s great crossover of titles. This trio of movies started all the way back with Unbreakable(2000), and most recently the sequal Split(2016).

The trailer gives us a quick look at the trio of men the move is centered around. From there we get to see them in what appears to be a psych-ward for individuals who “believe they are superheroes.”

The trailer makes the movie look awesome, and Shamalayn’s claims that this is “the first grounded superhero movie.” Have us all waiting on the edge of our seats for it to release. Oh and the release date is Jan. 18th 2019!

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